Field Services

Field Services

Gonzaga Bay, Baja – Remote Mexico Flight Operations

International Logistics

Getting your equipment to an international field location takes careful planning and time. We are well versed with international shipments, customs procedures, regulations, dealing with shipping agents, and local agencies. Let us manage your preparations and ensure that all shipping details are thoroughly attended to.


Working in the field is inherently dangerous and requires acute attention to safety. Our staff has extensive experience implementing safety procedures from a variety of platforms, aircraft, and environments. Our perfect safety record is testament to our success.

Commitment and Dependability

If safety is #1 priority, our commitment and dependability is #2. Finding reliable field support personnel and equipment, especially in remote international locations, can be difficult if not impossible. We understand the challenges you face when working in the field and want to reduce unnecessary hurdles so that you can focus more on the mission and less on time-consuming logistics. You can depend on us to help make your aerial mission a success.

International and Isolated Locations

Working in parts of the world where little or no infrastructure exist is a challenge that we look forward to embracing with you. Respectfully seeking out local resources in your study area and incorporating local people’s participation in your project is a domain where SciFly excels.

We "Make it Happen"

Finding successful solutions when all things seem to go wrong is difficult without McMaster-Carr or Home Depot right around the corner, many times a creative and simple approach is required to troubleshoot a challenging situation. We can help you make something out of nothing, turning a sometimes desperate situation into a practical solution.


We understand that cultural differences between people throughout the world can sometimes pose additional challenges to accomplishing the goals of your research. Exotic languages, tradition, organization, dress, belief, conception of morality, and local interactions with the coastal environment can sometimes help or hinder accomplishing a scientific mission. We have a successful history of working with local people of foreign seaports, villages, beach settlements, and fishing camps to discover local resources and utilize them to the advantage of your project, the native people, and their land.

Remote Airstrips

SciFly is effective at transporting your equipment and team into isolated locations as part of our complete overall service to your project. The aircraft we own is ideally suited to travel into remote areas and can use shorter unpaved runways to get you into localities larger airplanes can’t.