Management Team

Eddie Kisfaludy

CEO and Chief Operational Officer

Eddie Kisfaludy - CEO & COO

SciFly builds on the extensive experience of Kisfaludy in providing operational and technical solutions in a wide variety of challenging missions over many years including extensive work at the world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography and more recently with his own company, Oceans Aloft, LLC. Oceans Aloft has recently completed projects for NOAA-SWFSC, Scripps Oceanography, Ocean Imaging, Virgin Oceanic, Advanced Coherent Technologies, General Atomics, National Geographic TV, CBS8 KFMB TV, and the BBC TV.

As SciFly’s CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Kisfaludy has responsibility for operational fulfillment, logistics, and safety. Mr. Kisfaludy also serves as SciFly’s Chief Pilot and Safety Officer.

Austin Blue


Austin Blue - President

Austin Blue brings aviation and business development capability to SciFly that has been built over more than a decade as President of Spectrum Aeronautical, LLC, a developer of advanced, high-performance business aircraft. As SciFly’s President, Mr. Blue contributes to developing strategic direction, financial management, marketing and client relations.

Mr. Blue received his first Masters’ degree from the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland and also holds a second Masters Degree in Global Business Administration from National University. Mr. Blue is an instrument rated pilot and is active as a board member of the Southern California Business Aviation Association.

John R. Plavan Jr. ("JP")

Advisory Board Member

John R. Plavan Jr - Advisory Board Member

Mr. Plavan brings extensive executive experience to the SciFly team and currently serves as CEO, cofounder and Chairman of the Board at EarthRisk Technologies, Inc. Earth Risk is a new weather forecasting company that provides decision support data from advanced probabilistic forecasting techniques to support global energy trading operations, utilities, and agriculture markets that use tools derived from ground breaking research at U.C. San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Beyond extreme temperature event data, EarthRisk’s scientists are now driven to analyze hurricane genesis and movement, drought and precipitation, wind and other important areas.

Prior to the founding of EarthRisk, JP and his partners founded venture capital group SEAR Technologies in 2008 to spur innovative developments and capitalize on opportunities in resource management, conservation, monitoring, and verification. Additionally, JP has had a varied entrepreneurial career as the founder (and current Chairman) of P-Fleet, an integrated fleet electronic expense transaction processing and resource management provider throughout the U.S., a founding partner of Commercial Property Tax consulting firm RPC Property Tax Advisors, and a founding partner of Pacific Scene Capital, a real estate management and investment firm, all based in San Diego, CA.